Back in 2012 Mattel decided to toss Back to the Future II fans a futuristic bone in the form of a hoverboard replica that looked exactly like the one Marty McFly rode in the time-traveling sequel. The one feature it lacked, of course, was the ability to actually hover. That made its $130 price tag a little steep, but this $49 alternative? Now we're talking.

Advertisement has gone and created its own replica of the flying skateboard from BTTF II. It also doesn't hover, and is missing the Mattel branding like the one in the movie had, but otherwise it's screen-accurate down to the hoverplates on the bottom, the velcro foot strap on top, and the garish '80s-throwback colors and graphics. It's also officially licensed, which is probably why it costs $49 instead of $20. But that's still $80 cheaper than Mattel's offering, and only the most die-hard of Back to the Future fans will notice the differences. [ via CNET]

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