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Designed by the architecture firm Aires Mateus in Alcácer do Sal, Portugal, this has got to be one of the coolest looking places you could ever hope your grandparents would live. I just visited my grandma in Florida, and while her condo is perfectly nice, it's not exactly drool-worthy architecture.

The architects give it to us in architect-speak:

The project is based on a attentive reading of the life of a very specific kind of community, a sort of a micro-society with its own rules. It is a program, somewhere in between a hotel and a hospital, that seeks to comprehend and reinterpret the combination social/private, answering to the needs of a social life, and at the same time of solitude. Independents unities aggregate into a unique body, whose design is expressive and clear. The reduct mobility of those who will live in the building suggests that any displacement should be an emotive and variable experience. The distance between the independent units is measured and drawn to turn the idea of path into life, and its time into form.

Illustration for article titled A Checkerboard Home For the Elderly

Neat! And though the minimalist interiors and exteriors might not be appealing to grandparents, they are certainly appealing to this grandchild. That means more visits! [Design Milk]

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