A Clever Trick Lets Nerf's Newest Blaster Shoot a Seemingly Endless Stream of Darts

The N-Strike Elite Infinus. All images: Nerf
The N-Strike Elite Infinus. All images: Nerf

In New York next month the toymakers of the world will be showing off everything the kids in your life will be begging you for later this year. But ahead of Toy Fair 2018, Nerf has given us a sneak peek at a couple of new blasters it’s introducing, including one that helps solve the most annoying part of waging a dart battle—having to stop to reload.


The new N-Strike Elite Infinus blaster, which Nerf will release sometime in the fall for $70, is all about keeping the blaster perpetually ready to unload a barrage of foam darts. In addition to a removable drum with a 30-dart capacity, the N-Strike Elite Infinus also features a funnel on the back that, according to Nerf, can quickly ingest darts, one by one, automatically reloading the drum without having to first remove it.

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus is also one of the company’s first blasters to feature red, green, and yellow LED status lights letting you know when it’s ready to fire, ready to reload, or if a jam has occurred. That sounds cool, but all of those motors and electronics come at a cost: the need for six heavy D-sized batteries to keep the blaster powered.

Update: The Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus actually runs on four D-sized batteries, not six.

The Nerf MEGA Thunderhawk.

If you prefer patience and precision in the heat of battle instead of a steady stream of darts, Nerf has taken the upgraded design of its Accustrike darts, which feature a redesigned tip improving airflow, aerodynamics, and accuracy, and have applied it to the brand’s oversized MEGA darts in a new dart sniper rifle.

The Nerf MEGA Thunderhawk blaster, which will also be available sometime this fall for $50, is meant to use the newly redesigned MEGA darts to hit your friend in the head with new and improved accuracy. The blaster itself features an extending barrel to make it look more like a sniper rifle. It probably doesn’t actually add to the accuracy at all, but a pair of retractable bipod legs will help steady your aim. And should you find yourself in the heat of battle without a safe place to camp, the MEGA Thunderhawk is also fed with a side-loading, ten-shot clip so you can resort to a quick barrage of darts until you find cover.


We’ll know more about both blasters when Nerf shows them off at Toyfair next month.





Okay, can someone explain this to me before my kid is old enough to want one? Growing up we had water guns (from water to real looking guns disappearing inkish to super soakers), laser tag and paint ball. When you were hit you were hit. This just seems like a lot of spazzed out kids going “uh uh you didn’t hit me”.