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A Fake TV Show Plane Crash Fooled the News Into Thinking It Was Real

Sometimes things on TV can look so real that we think it's happening in real life. That's the magic of the moving pictures! Like this fake plane crash for the TV show Chicago Fire, it fooled the news broadcast WGN-TV and tricked real people on the ground too.


A girl who saw the plane crash from the ground said she thought the terrorist had came back for us! And it was a jarring sight, seeing a plane get split at the wing and land on a sleepy neighborhood street. The WGN-TV news broadcast's reaction is the best though. As they take a look of the overhead footage, their comments included:

Is that a wing, on top of a car?!

That looks like a giant pole in the middle of the street!

We havent seen any ambulance but we see a fire truck

Can you imagine driving down King Drive and a plane comes down in the middle of the road?


It goes on and it's all great like that! Plus, you get to see the faces of the newscasters as they realize they've been duped by a fake plane crash. Just pure comedic gold. But seriously, what would you do if you saw a plane crash in the middle of your neighborhood? And see something like this:

Illustration for article titled A Fake TV Show Plane Crash Fooled the News Into Thinking It Was Real

NBC Los Angeles has reactions from regular people on the ground too. I know we shouldn't believe what we see on TV, does that mean we can't trust real life now either? [NBC Los Angeles, YouTube]

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Having lights, cameras, grip and tons of production people around wasn't enough clue?