A Few Requests, Now That Ladies Are Tech's New Target Demographic

A few requests, tech world, now that I know I'm your target demographic:

• Please, no more pink phones/camera/power tools

• Let's cool it with the sexist ads

• Credit where credit is due

• If they're the new target demo, there's even less reason not to have more women in executive positions


• No more of anything that is "made for a woman" or "with women in mind." We've become the target demo based on current tech and don't need special accommodations

• At the same time, let's make women's health more of a priority in science and medicine

• No more magazine covers like this one


• No more tweets like this one


This is in no way an exhaustive list. Please keep it going in the comments! [TheAtlantic - Image via Mojito.Mac/Shutterstock]

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