A Firecracker Launching Slingshot Sounds Like a Dangerous Way To Ring In the New Year

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Most New Year's revellers are happy to celebrate the occasion by watching the ball drop in Times Square—or just getting completely blotto. But as we've discovered time and time again, Joerg Sprave isn't your average Joe. And to welcome 2013 with a bang—literally—he's created a special slingshot capable of launching firecrackers with gusto.

Designed to accomodate the largest and most powerful legal firecrackers in Germany, the slingshot-style crossbow even includes a built-in waterproof storm lighter for igniting the fuse before the trigger's pulled. Does it sound dangerous? Absolutely, but ironically launching a firecracker so it explodes high in the air is probably the safest way to enjoy a homemade pyrotechnics show. [YouTube]