A First Look At Warpo's Spectacularly Retro Legends Of Cthulhu TV Spot

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When you’re making a line of retro action figures, you might as well go whole hog and make your TV spots look suitably retro too—just as Warpo are doing for Legends of Cthulhu figures, and their upcoming gigantic Old One action figure. Let Cthulhu warm the nostaglic cockles of your heart with this exclusive first look!

The 12” Cthulhu figure—which made its debut on io9 earlier this year—is a fantastic looking figure, and is the star of this new ad, which sees two kids roleplay summoning the eldritch abomination into the world. There’s something ever so wonderfully creepy about hearing little kids excitedly discuss the idea of bringing forth something as nightmarish as Cthulhu, even in action figure form. You just don’t get toy adverts these days extolling the virtues of fresh human sacrifices!


Even the advert itself is laser-focused on hammering home that rampant 80’s nostalgia, to the point you almost wish there was a line of Lovecraftian nightmare action figures when you were a kid. They might not have looked quite as good as Warpo’s do, but they would’ve been equally awesome to behold.


Warpo’s Legend of Cthulhu is currently lying waiting in his plastic house at R’Lyeh, but he’ll be available for purchase for $80—and any potential blood sacrifice you wish to offer to the Old Ones—in November. Want to preorder? You can do so by picking up a copy of this month’s Previews Magazine.

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