A Flashing Touch-Sensitive Business Card All But Guarantees You're Hired

In order to make a big impression at an upcoming job fair, electrical engineering student Jay Kickliter created this interactive business card that lights up a flashing ring of LEDs whenever it's touched.


The cards were designed and manufactured in just two weeks, and even include a low-power mode so that the battery life is maxed out when they're inevitably dropped in a drawer and forgotten about. And while you might think $8 per card is expensive, there's no doubt it would make a bigger impression on potential employers than just a copy of your resume printed on fancy-shmancy paper. Want to make one of your own? Check out Jay's site for the schematics and the source code. [Chasing 'trons via Ubergizmo]



I'm sure Jay is THRILLED that his phone number and email address are posted here