You might love the retro curves and contours of the old fridge you inherited from your grandmother, but that ancient appliance isn't doing your monthly electric bill any favors. With GE's new Artistry fridges you get the best of both worlds, though—modern and efficient refrigeration technology, plus subtle retro styling that isn't overly hip.


As fridges go it comes with most modern amenities you'd expect, including an optional ice maker, three electronic temperature sensors, and the freezer section on the bottom. And unlike fridges dating back to the 1950s, there's little risk of someone getting trapped inside because of an arcane locking mechanism.

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The $1,200 Artistry series fridges currently come in black or white, but if you prefer a little color you might want to hold off since GE is currently soliciting color suggestions on its site, and plans to release versions in various tints at some point. [GE via Appliancist]

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