A genius guy invented the perfect machine to make a single cookie

Here's the thing about chocolate chip cookies: they're delicious. Here's another thing: unless you're a professional baker maestro who bakes a batch everyday and tweaks their cookie recipe after every time to adjust the flavor, it's going to be hard to come up with the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. It's a numbers game, you just don't bake enough to figure out exactly what works. Not anymore. Not with this machine. This is perfection.

Here's the solution from Ben Krasnow: a machine that mixes in the perfect amount of each baking ingredient to make one single cookie. Even better, you can tweak each single cookie's recipe however you want because a computer controls everything that goes into the cookie. You want to adjust the amount of egg and flour? Just move the slider accordingly and it'll squirt out the measurement you want. It's a single-serving cookie machine that's perfectly accurate and infinitely tweakable every time. You can reach the holy grail of cookie with this. It's the world's best invention (sadly, it doesn't self mix).

It's hard to screw up a chocolate chip cookie. This machine can make them perfect, one at a time.

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as an engineer, I love the spirit of this. but ... is it just me or do those cookies all look kinda messed up?