A Gesture-Controlled Headlamp Means No More Fumbling For Buttons

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Headlamps aren't just for overnight wilderness treks, a hands-free light source can be useful for everything from detailed hobby work to fixing a car. And Olight's H15S is particularly useful for that last application, allowing you to activate its bright LED lamp with a simple wave gesture when your hands are covered in grease.


An infrared sensor mounted up front recognizes when your hand is passing in front, automatically activating or deactivating the LED. But that functionality can also be disabled on the $50 H15S if you suspect you'll be frantically waving your arms battling insects during a hike.

The headlamp's LED tops out at a blinding 250 lumens at its maximum setting, but at that intensity its rechargeable battery will only keep it glowing for around three hours. To maximize your battery life the intensity can be reduced to just 15 lumens, which keeps the headlamp running for up to 36 hours. And if you do run out of power, a set of AAA batteries can be swapped in when a power outlet isn't available for charging. [Olight via The Gadgeteer]


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