A Half-Remembered Retelling Makes This Star Wars Fan Film Special

Image: YouTube/Jeronimus Dekker
Image: YouTube/Jeronimus Dekker

There isn’t a lot of writing in the Star Wars universe. Stories seem to mostly be passed along via oral culture—one person telling a story to another, with all the foibles and forgetfulness personal retellings entail. This Star Wars fan film captures all the fun, and all the forgetfulness, of a good retelling.


Created by Jeronimus Dekker, “Star Wars: The Animated Movie” is a cartoon short that functions both as an homage to the original film and a look at how storytelling works in a world where those stories rely on the memory of the teller. It’s a sly bit of misremembering—Alderaan gets a sillier name, the Death Star trench becomes a literal trench in a fjord on some far-away planet, and Obi-Wan Kenobi receives a slightly different fate. It’s exactly the sort of mistakes someone would make about a story they heard from a guy that one time and decided to pass on to someone else.

Which is exactly what mythology like Star Wars is good for. It has infinite potential for reinterpretations and reenactments. This is a particularly fun one. Check it out below.



The whole thing was worth it for V.I.N.C.E.N.T in the sandcrawler.