If you've always wanted to explore a coral reef at a tropical location, but can barely stand even getting your head wet in the shower, then scuba diving and snorkelling isn't for you. What could be the solution, though, is the Zayak Sea Sled, a curvaceous kick board with a window that lets the rider peer into the murky depths below.

A flexible neoprene dry mask where the rider inserts their face seals out light and other distractions, but it doesn't require them to learn to breathe through a tube. And since the hollow plastic Zayak floats, the rider doesn't even have to know how to swim to go out exploring.

The consumer version of the Zayak sells for $325, but the company also sells the sea sleds in bulk to resorts, so there's a good chance you might be able to rent one on your next vacation, instead. Or, if you're really that ocean-averse, you can just settle for a boring coral reef postcard. [Zayak via Gizmag]