A Locking Knife Block Keeps Your Blades Inaccessible to Kids

When you're bustling in the kitchen prepping a meal, quickly grabbing a knife out of a storage block is easier than digging through a drawer to find one. Storing them in a block is also just a better way to keep your knives sharp and in good shape, but it unfortunately means they're easily accessible to children. So Joseph Joseph has incorporated a locking mechanism into its new LockBlock that makes knives harder for kids to remove.


You'll actually need a pair of adult-sized hands to operate the block's stiff blade release which helps to make it kid-proof. And each knife is locked in place with a clever "Cam-lock mechanism" that increases the grip the harder a knife is pulled, making them all but impossible to remove using just brute force.

The LockBlock itself, with universal slots that will accommodate your existing knives, is available now for $60. But there's also a $150 version that comes with six knives of its own and slots custom-sized to fit each one if you're just starting to outfit your kitchen.

[Joseph Joseph via Fancy]

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