A New Chrome Extension Loads a Different GIF Every Time You Open a Tab

A lot of my day is spent in search of GIFs—those few seconds of endlessly looping animations that can perfectly describe any mood. A few websites hoard a treasure trove of these motion memes, and of course, I have every single one conveniently bookmarked, but with the help a new chrome extension, my GIF intake is about to skyrocket.

AnimatedTabs delivers a GIF straight to your browser every time you open a new tab. The extension slaps the GIF front and center with the title up top and a link directing back to animatedTabs' website on the bottom. After testing out the extension, I traced almost all the GIFs back to Reddit, which, as TechCrunch mentions, helps keep them timely but also a bit of a gamble. Think twice before popping this on a machine that frequently operates in NSFW territory. Don't let this be your boss:

Do you really need something like this? No. In fact, it only decreases the usefulness of your browser by stripping away all recently searched windows and shortcuts to Google services, but in the name of GIFs, sacrifices must be made. [TechCrunch]

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