A New, Original Star Trek Movie Is Coming From Discovery's Kalinda Vazquez

The only thing better than Star Trek is more Star Trek!
The only thing better than Star Trek is more Star Trek!
Photo: Paramount

The future of Star Trek movies might be a little clearer now thanks to a writer who is very familiar with the franchise.


Kalinda Vazquez, a producer and writer on Star Trek: Discovery, has been hired by Paramount to write a new original Star Trek movie. J.J. Abrams will produce and, according to Deadline, “this is a blind deal for an original movie that she hatched” which will see her expand her role in the franchise.

That sure makes it seem like the film won’t be set in the Kelvin timeline, which is when the Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto movies have taken place. Whether or not it will incorporate characters from the current Paramount+ shows, or how this impacts any of the other films which had been in development, we don’t know. Either way, whatever it is sounds like it puts Vazquez at the center of a new, larger piece of Trek storytelling.

Before working in Star Trek, Vazquez produced and wrote on several different genre shows such as Fear the Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Runaways, Nikita, Prison Break, and others. She’s also recently worked with George R.R. Martin on an adaptation of the Roger Zelazny novel Roadmarks and adapted Brian K. Vaughan’s Barrier for for Legendary Television. Plus, according to the Deadline piece, she was named after the character “Kalinda” from the Star Trek episode “By Any Other Name.”

All of which makes it sound like whatever idea Vazquez has for a Star Trek film, we can’t wait to see it.

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Emil C.

Honestly, between Warner Bros./DC, Disney/Star Wars, and Viacom/Star Trek, it seems the only big property putting out content in a set timeline order (barring the prequel or two) is Disney/Marvel. Everyone else seems to be pretty happy dropping content at different corners of their franchise, regardless of universe, timeline or characters, continuity be somewhat damned.