A New Train Record Has Been Smashed in Shanghai's Speedy Bullet Train

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Traveling at 415km/h, Shanghai's latest bullet train has smashed the previous record held by the country last year, by 21km/h. It services the Shanghai to Hangzhou route, which are about 202km apart.

It may be super speedy, but according to locals it's going to be super pricey too, with the fares costing double what normal trains cost. But what price is getting to the destination in half the time it normally would take? Seemingly, 100 Yuan (about $15) for a first-class ticket. Sounds like chips to us, but apparently a fare on the slower train is around $7 in price—a much more palatable price.


Commuters must wait until late October, which is when the new line will open, and when women standing on train platforms with wet hair will suddenly feel the whoosh of a train whizzing past, drying them out. [IB Times via PopSci]

UPDATE: This is the world record for high-speed train travel, which differs from conventional rails. The record holder there is the French TGV, which traveled 574.8km/h on a test run.

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Can we get a train expert on here, or some clarification? As many have said below, this doesn't seem to make sense.

The Shanghai train sets a record at 415km/h, but the TGV (574.8km/h) is faster?

The update doesn't clarify either as it talks about high-speed train and "conventional rails". The TGV is certainly classified as a high-speed train (EU definition 200 or 250km/h). The Shanghai train also travels on rails (i.e. it ain't maglev).

I am confused, unhappy face.