A Notebook Perfectly Sized to Hug Your iPhone 5

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You can have every last note-taking, scrapbooking, idea-saving app installed on your iPhone 5, but it still won't replace the usefulness of always having a pen and paper handy. And ensuring that at least half of that duo is readily available, the Idealnotes are soft-covered Moleskine knock-offs designed to live with your iPhone 5 in perfect harmony.


Not only are they sized to match the iPhone 5 so the two can stack atop each other, the $20 Idealnotes also include extra-stretchy elastic straps that can either hold the notebook closed, or wrap all the way around your accompanying device. And the only time you'll need to do an update is when the notebook is full. [Generate]

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All those pics are of an iPhone 4 or 4s.