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A Quick Look at the Creative Zii Trinity Pumping Out Wall-E In Smooth HD

Creative's Zii Trinity handset, which we profiled with a quick video just a few days ago, was spotted again this weekend playing Wall-E in glorious HD, using nothing but its diminutive, generic little frame. Short, but impressive.

The playback is smooth, the sound apt. Iron out some of the interface quirks we spotted last week in that video and we'll have a nice little platform for OEMs to work with once Creative options this thing out into the ether. [Mobile990 via Engadget]


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*Here's one to Creative returning to their glory days of old!

ZV:M still going remarkably strong here.

The thing has some serious hours on it. The LCD screen is showing signs of burn in.

And it is dropped hard enough to chip the paint and break off some alloy.