A Retro Batman Toy With A Japanese Twist

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Whenever you see a new "Retro" toy coming out, it's usually always a riff on the classic Kenner-esque action figure of the 70's and 80's: Big head, 5 joints of articulation, and so on. These DC toys are a little different though, opting for the retro look of Japanese toys, rather than US ones.


Made by Medicom, these two new entries in their Retro DC line emulate the style of the old-school Japanese Sofubi toys of the 60's and 70's — plus-sized soft vinyl figures that were popular for everything from giant robots to kaiju toys. Although it had declined by the turn of the 21st century in Japan, the stylisation of Sofubi has lived on in these new retro toys from both western and Japanese vinyl artists, creating a resurgence of Sofubi Toys akin to the current Retro toy boom we're seeing here in the west.

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So it's interesting to see a sort of east-meets-west combination here with Batman and Deathstroke getting the Sofubi treatment. Each figure stands at around 9-10 inches tall, and like their retro american counterparts, have five points of articulation - two arms, two legs, and at the neck. Even the designs are old school, calling back to the classic comic looks of the characters for inspiration rather than delivering a retro take on the modern designs.

Alas, as it is in the US, these toys are a little more expensive than the similar ones of yesteryear — Batman and Deathstroke will both be out in July for 8,000 and 9,000 yen respectively, or around 67 and 75 dollars each. You'd think Batman would be the one to command the higher price!


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Question: In DC Universe canon, does Deathstroke still wear this ridiculous 70s outfit? The underwear over tights paired with orange pirate boots look seems kinda dumb nowadays.