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A Simple Digital Watch With a Stylish Handwritten Font

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When you think of a digital watch, you can probably picture the simple boxy numbers created by a traditional segmented LCD display. This Script Watch uses the same technique—an LCD display broken up into static segments that can only be turned on or off—but manages to display the time as if a talented calligrapher just penned it onto your wrist.

Created by Adrian and Jeremy Wright, the watch of course relies on the clever design of its LCD segments. The various curves, swooshes, and contours assemble into the numbers one to nine, vastly improving the font used to show the time without requiring a full pixel-based display which requires more processing and power. It will still set you back $175, but that's reasonable if you think of it as a smartwatch—or at least a watch that looks smart. [MoMA Store]