For those who need to make frequent trips to the bathroom every night, designer Jung Soo Park has created the Molli flashlight, which is only as bright as you need it to be. It's also the first flashlight that feels like a stuffed animal, so you can actually sleep with it beside you so it's always easy to find.

Made from stitched felt and flexible fabrics, the Molli features an LED light source that illuminates as you squeeze the handle. The harder you squeeze, the brighter it gets, so that when you first roll out of bed in the middle of the night you're not instantly blinded as soon as you turn it on. Brilliant.


Sadly, though, the flashlight is just a concept right now. So unless you're handy with electronics and a sewing machine, you're going to have to stick with your less than cuddly Maglite. [Jung Soo Park via Notcot]