Stop motion videos are usually charming because they're so bare boned, the choppy movements are part of the appeal. But at its most wonderful, stop motion videos can bring sketches or toys or static objects to life. This super creative idea from Wriggles & Robins shows just that—every angle of an art model is captured and translated to stop motion.

Each easel in the room captures a different angle of the art model, so capturing each sketch on every easel would make for a 360-degree stop motion of sorts. It fills up the entire picture, like if a camera was circling around the model in bullet time or something. The sketch of the model begins to move and it's like seeing her come to life. It's a wonderful twist to stop motion, focusing on the 360-degrees of stop motion as opposed to a stop motion's next movement. [Wriggles & Robins via Colossal]