Illustration for article titled A Tiny Aluminum Canister That Could Come In Very Handy This Winter

There are plenty of gadgets you could wish for as you're sitting in the dark on a slow ski lift, with a dead phone, in freezing temperatures. Unless you are one of those people who carries more than just a phone and a wallet in your ski coat—which, congratulations—you will probably have none of them.

I could tell you to pack emergency charger, a supply of hand warmers, or any number of other supplies every time you venture out—but if you're like me, you will either eschew them out of laziness or forget them entirely when you really need them. Another option: A tiny aluminum canister that does triple duty as an emergency USB charger, a flashlight, and a hand warmer that warms to 104 degrees for three hours.


It's no replacement for real survival supplies, but as in-a-pinch winter gadgets go, you could do a lot worse. You can pick one up for $40—throw it in your coat, or the coat of your perpetually-unprepared loved one—over at Cool Material.

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