A hero as popular and long-lasting as Batman is bound to get some weird merchandise over the years. That said, I'm not sure anyone was expecting an ultra-rare trading card of Batman's bathroom break to be one of those things, or for it to be on eBay for three and a half thousand dollars.

Ebay user Clubhouse posted the listing, and claims that the card was never released to the public, but made by Topps employees as a joke card - so it's hard to determine its legitimacy, but stranger things have happened in the world of Batman merchandise. Considering the card set also features art of Batman fighting a giant in 'Fairyland' and various tussles with sharks, what's to say Batman pooping isn't out of the ordinary? Alas, the photo isn't of the highest quality, so it's hard to see the imagery in great detail. Because that's what we really want to see, of course.

Your money doesn't just get you that one card though - you also get multiple complete sets of the Topps 1966 Batman trading card series, featuring photos from the Batman TV show as well as the awesome artwork of Norman Saunders like the cards above. With those as well, Batman's Bat-throne is merely icing on the cake!

Look how sad Batman is in that drawing though. Is pooping the Dark Knight's secret shame? Maybe said shame really is worth over three grand to someone.


[Ebay, via Comics Alliance]

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