A Vacuum Cleaner Made From Cardboard Doesn't Sound Too Robust

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You'd normally use a vacuum cleaner to suck up bits of paper, but instead, Vax's next vacuum body will be made from corrugated cardboard, as a nod to the environment. The panels will actually pop out of the retail box it's sold in, meaning there's even less waste than you'd expect.

Designed originally by British university student Jake Tyler, Vax has taken the design under their wing and will produce a limited run of the cleaner at some point soon. Just avoid spilling anything on it, and I'm sure it'll last for about three weeks. [Vax]

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Is it just me, or are companies using "being green" as an excuse for "cutting costs and pocketing the savings?" Being green is a great motive. But as with all fads (yes, sadly I think its got "fad" tendencies), corporations hop on board fast when they see potential profit. That's when a "We <3 the planet" facade simple is an excuse to cut costs and charge just as much as long as it's under the guise of "We're green!"

Granted I like the vacuum. It's innovative. But also I like it because he claims the materials are "a tenth of the price," comparatively. I can see that. With that being said, I'd have to add a "I'll believe it when I see it." That is, when the savings are actually passed on to the consumer, instead of being pocketed by the "green" corporations, then I'll be all thumbs up. Green thumbs too.

...just saying...