Illustration for article titled A Wall Made of 300 Chairs Takes Repurposing a Step Further

Screens and curtains are alright, but sometimes you want a real wall. Solid, substantial and offering some privacy. And if bricks and cement blocks are too boring, you can always turn to repurposed household items. Right?


Artist Fumiko Kobayashi used about 300 chairs to create "1000 Legs, Cultivating Fruits," a huge wall built entirely out of chairs and some old clothing. Kobayashi collected the materials in neighborhoods around Tokyo where discarded waste builds up. The wall, currently on display at the Mori Art Museum through January 13 as part of a show called Roppongi Crossing, evokes Japan's post-tsunami devastation. But it's also just an awesome, if slightly impractical, way to repurpose old furniture. [Spoon & Tamago]

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