About That PS3 Price Change… I've Got Good News and Bad News

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Well, we've all been clamoring for Sony to adjust the ridiculous price of their Playstation 3, and they've finally gone ahead changed it for us. Oh, just a couple of notes before you get excited: the price change is only effective in Canada, and it's a $50 increase. Yeah, you Canucks were getting off easy only having to pay $649 of your funny money for a PS3. The new price of $699 should suit you much better.


Oh, and it also appears that they've removed all 20GB models from the Canadian market as well. Is there a more anti-consumer company than Sony out there? Seriously, it's like they're trying to agitate their customers. Next they'll announce that in order to buy a PS3 you need to submit to a solid kick to the balls before leaving the store.

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The current exchange rate of US-CDN dollars is 1.18. $599US x 1.18 is $709CDN, so technically speaking, the pricing makes sense, especially since Sony set their pricing based on the exchange rate during the summer (it was 1.1 then, which, not coincidentally, comes to the old $659 price point). But as much as the math makes sense, it still sorta' feels like a kick in the teeth, even if it's irrational - you had something that was super-expensive only get more so, which just feels like a crap move by Sony, even if it technically makes sense.

Interestingly, futureshop.ca, a BB subsidiary, put up about a 150 units a couple days back at the new price, and they've still got 30 left. I can't really tell if that means that people are pissed (i.e. previously they've sold out in minutes), or if it means they're still willing to sell their babies to pay for this thing (they're still selling, even at the new price).