Acer 9520 for Fun'n'Games

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Unlike the other Acer laptop today, this one isn't built as much for portability, but rather for power. This 17-inch beast is powered by the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and the NVIDIA GeForge Go 7900 GS or 7600. This laptop has an integrated digital/analog TV-tuner, HDMI-out, DVI ports, HDCP support and S/PDIF. Hot diggity damn, it is pretty much a high-end media center, especially with the included remote.


This laptop also comes with the essentials: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ExpressCard, SATA, Acer SignalUp and is all housed in a pretty case. No worries for those planning ahead, this laptop is very Vista-friendly. No word on pricing or availability, but we'll keep you posted. Our guess? Probably well over $2,000 and available in the next month or two.

Product Page [Acer]