Acer's Next Iconia Tab: Yep, It's a Quad-Core 1080p Tablet

Illustration for article titled Acers Next Iconia Tab: Yep, Its a Quad-Core 1080p Tablet

Rumors of a slimmer, more capable sibling to Acer's A200 tablet have been floating around for a while. But all Acer had to reveal at their press conference today was that the still unnamed tablet would have a full 1080P display, and will be powered by a quad core processor.


The next generation Iconia tablet has long been rumored to feature a mind-boggling 1920x1200 resolution 10.1 inch display. And while we were hoping to have confirmation that it would have an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor inside, a rumored 5MP camera with flash, and a microUSB and microHDMI port, it seems the new Iconia clearly needs a little more time in the oven if they're not revealing anything more at the show. [Acer]

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Goger Roodell

I am very happy with my A500. It is a very capable tablet and I also know of other people who have and like it. I would love to see Acer keep it up. My only complaint is that the build quality of the hardware feels a little less sturdy than some other tablets. But then again, at the time I paid a lot less for the A500. It really isn't enough that I notice it and like I said, I am happy with it!