Active Child: Hanging On

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I loved Active Child in September. I still love the sound now. And what's this? The world exclusive first look at Active Child's newest video, for the dreamy, ethereal and decidedly spacey Hanging On. Sci-fi sound, natural beauty visuals.

The video, as smooth and dreamy as it looks, was unsurprisingly shot with some serious gear: two Canon 7Ds, a Sony CineAlta 1500, and a Hero GoProHD—all cut together with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.


The mixture of nebula melodies, gentle light, and foggy woods are exactly what pops into my head when I've listened to the song. Just like "You Are All I See," this track has an opiate effect on me. But it's never dull! Active Child's sound combines the mesmerizing effect of space travel (in my brain, at least), with something haunting enough to keep me awake. It's an effect that, somehow, translates perfectly into a video of a lonely man, the snow, and a lot of fish. Just watch (in fullscreen) and see. [Active Child, directed by Pier Pictures]