Adam Sandler Sticks A Fork In Star Wars

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Adam Sandler's new "comedy" Bedtime Stories looks like one 2008's worst films. But at least it proves that Star Wars has become almost too ridiculous to satirize, in this sequence.

Is it wrong that I sort of love the basketball turning into a kind of Death Star-esque space station? Maybe only because it reminds me of Hardware Wars, the first (and still one of the best) Star Wars parody.


It's a telling comment on the prequels that the moment we go into the "Senate debating endlessly" sequence, I had a twinge of recognition. It's not so much funny, so much as a painful reminder of all those long sequences in Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith. Sandler is playing a one-dimensional Han Solo clone, but the rest of the sequence is pretty much generic "ha-ha-space-opera-funny" stuff.

A painful moment from a no-doubt-painful film — but it does prove, to my mind, that everything about Star Wars has become such a cliche, even Adam Sandler can stumble into mocking it. (Okay, I admit it — I do enjoy Clone Wars sometimes, just as a fun adventure cartoon. Fine.) [Ace Showbiz]