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Adobe Added Multitouch to Creative Suite 4, Didn't Tell Anyone

Illustration for article titled Adobe Added Multitouch to Creative Suite 4, Didnt Tell Anyone

Content producers of pretty much any ilk were excited to get news of the highly refined, newly hardware-accelerated CS4 product line, but probably missed this key feature buried deep in the release notes: multitouch trackpad support. MacBook Air and late model MacBook Pro users can now pinch, spread, and twist in Photoshop just like they already can in iPhoto. Even better, all users can take advantage of a new "throw" feature, which lets you choose to toss objects across the screen. Could this be timed to correspond with multitouch trackpad capability in the next generation of MacBooks? Sorry, let me rephrase that: this better be timed to correspond with multitouch trackpads in new MacBooks, or else. [MacRumors via Wired]


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You guys seem to be really missing the possibilities here. Dell's XT tablet already has a capacitive multitouch screen. Multitouch tablet screen + multitouch image and layout software = really big win.