Adobe Brings Back Photoshop Elements for Mac

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The good news: the promise that Photoshop Elements would come back to Mac (after skipping version 5) has been kept—just in time for Macworld 2008, a $90 version of the Intel-native PSE is up for pre-order. I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 these days, but couldn't be happier about this. Remember that trick I told you about, where you take two group photos and select the bits you like from both to get one really good shot? PSE only. And how about batch editing? Pop quiz: Which app is easier to use if you're resizing and tweaking brightness on 12 image files? Yep, the cheap one. The link will give you the goods on the new PSE, which is careful not to go after iPhoto on the organizational side. Now, Adobe, it's time to get crackin' on Premiere Elements for the Mac. Or can't you do any better than Final Cut Express 4? [Adobe]


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Is Adobe still going to make their Web based free Photoshop app? I heard about that a year or so ago, but nothing lately.