Aespironics Drug Inhaler Should Fit in Wallet, Be Cheap, Effective

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An Israeli company, Aespironics, is trying a new approach in re-designing an old faithful drug delivery system: the inhaler. They've teamed up with an expert in drug atomization and a wind turbine researcher, and have come up with a breath-activated, turbine-assisted design that should be slim, cheap and easy to produce, and deliver dry drugs to the users lungs without leaving them sticking inside the mouth. Sounds amazing doesn't it? Particularly when you consider the implications of a simple, compact and cheap dispenser for aiding ill people in the developing world. The team is planning tests for the year end, and thinks a product could be on the market within three years. If it's an inhaler slim enough to fit in a wallet, I'll take one soon, please: lugging around a conventional one is annoying. [I21c via Medgadget]

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The pictures don't clarify it, but I would be interested to see how they are controlling dosage. It's a great idea - aerosols... well, "suck" would be the wrong word in this context... are inferior for many reasons. And the size issue is very relevent.

Cool stuff.

On an editorial note, this is a very cool, very useful medical gadget - it's simple, elegent, potentially inexpensive, etc. Got four comments. Sigh.