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This post is almost half a Retromodo, in that compressed air cars have been peddled by companies like MDI for the last 20 years. But this compressed air-powered pod, the AirPod, is all new. The three-seater is powered by MDI's proprietary compressed air system, which uses electricity to force the air to power the engine's pistons. The car might appear in U.S. cities by 2010, and possibly India and Europe a bit sooner.The range, as expected, is quite limited. The AirPod gets up to about 40 mph, and goes approximately 130 miles between charges. Once the tank is depleted, refilling it is described as "extremely quick" if you happen to have a specialized compressed air filling station handy. Otherwise, you'll have to fill up using a traditional home air compressor (think: filling your bicycle tires). [EcoGeek]


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