AirPort Express Stations Frying

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Over 200 AirPort Express stations have suddenly burned out, enough to make us—and others—think there might be a bit of a problem. While most of the latest Airports are impervious to this problem, it seems that if your AirPort has any of these identifiers, then you can expect a visit from the smoky electronics fairy some time soon:

- as we originally suspected, it predominantly affects users living in 220/230V-based countries (98% of the reports).
- all defective APX have been manufactured by Foxconn during S2 2004
- as a result, all defective APX have a serial number starting with HS42, HS43 or HS44.
- most of the defective APX have a product number either A1084 or A1088.

More info as we get it.

Issues with Airport Express Station: an Update [HardMac]