People get all worked up about taking off their shoes at the airport. When I get a chance to take off my shoes and relax, I always take it. Unfortunately, GE Security now has a device that scans shoes while they are on the person. Simply place your feet on the device, and a a few seconds later you are cleared to move onto the next security checkpoint: the cavity search. I tried one of these at an airport once โ€” must have been an unwitting beta tester because I've never seen it again. And my foot developed this strange fungus soon after...

There are also some solutions out to speed up the bomb scans in luggage. Clint Sewerd designed a bottle screening machine that fires microwaves through the bottle and is able to detect flammable liquids. Cyterra is building a machine that uses pressure to squeeze explosive particles out of a massive aluminum container that can hold around 100 pieces of luggage. I don t really care what security means are used as long as it speeds up the airport security time for my "leisure" trips to Amsterdam.


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