Alexander Armstrong is the new voice of Danger Mouse!

Danger Mouse is coming back, with an updated look and a new voice - and now we know Alexander Armstrong will be replacing David Jason as the voice of the iconic mouse spy.

Although Danger Mouse, which ran from 1981 to 1992, originally aired on ITV in the UK (Nickelodeon in the US), the new series will air on Children's BBC - and it's good to see that his design remains largely intact, a modernisation rather than a radical change. But the delightful news coming from the BBC is that he'll be voiced by Actor, Comedian and Pointless host Alexander Armstrong. He'll be joined by Kevin Eldon as Danger Mouse's long-suffering assistant Penfold, whilst Dave Lamb (who UK readers will know as the narrator for the reality TV series Come Dine With Me) will narrate the series. Shauna MacDonald rounds out the main cast playing the villain, Professor Squawkencluck - niece of the original Professor, who was a male in the original series.


The new series of Danger Mouse will air sometime next year.

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