Alienware's Hefty New Light-Up Laptops Are Available Right Now

It's E3, and along with the new consoles, we're also getting treated to a new line of Alienware laptops. The new trio of machines boast fresh 700M series Nvidia graphics and Intel's new 4th generation Haswell chips, along with a new look that's more like that X51 tower (which is getting its own guts update) but chunky as ever.


The new laptops come in three flavors. There's the $1200 14-incher with GeForce GT 750M graphics, the $1500 17-inch with GeForce GTX 765M graphics, or the 18-inch mammoth with GeForce GTX 765M graphics. All with 8GB of RAM and Core i7 processors. Of course, if we were going to shell out for a pimpin' gaming laptop, we'd have to side with the sleek, slim Razer Blade over these plus-size suckers. But to each his own. If this is what you're into, all three 'tops are available online starting today. [Alienware]

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