Alpine IVA-W505 Video Headunit Plays DivX, iPod Video

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Alpine's spring line continues to impress, now with a double-DIN head unit with a DivX playing 7-inch touchscreen. It also has the same iPod connectivity (and video playback to boot), IMPRINT sound mapping that compensates for the acoustic differences from car to car, HD/Sat radio readiness, and Tag & Sync (HD Radio tagging to iTunes store buying of songs) like the IDA-X100 single-din head unit. It has Bluetooth audio streaming, a video input, output, and camera backup input. And it doubles as a GPS if you were to dock the traffic-capable second generation PMD-B200 blackbird handheld into its faceplate. [via Audio Junkies]


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I've got the W205 and use it with my Blackbird 2 and iPod. It's a freak'n match made in heaven and looks totally OEM in my car.

As far as bit understanding the logic behind these devices, there are safeguards built into the head units that will not allow you to watch video (by default) unless it is piped into a rear screen for passengers only. That said, I easily had a toggle installed that allows me to watch video from the main touch screen LCD as I streak along the interstate at 70MPH. Highly illegal? You betchya. Totally sweet? Hellz yeah.

That said, I do so responsibly and rarely look at the screen while watching, it's mostly for my front seat passengers on longer trips.