If you prefer your speakers to be on the adorable side, you'll be pleased to see the direction Aluratek's gone with their new Bump line. They're (mostly) wireless, (fairly) affordable, and offer a nice range of audiophilic options.

The most appealing of the lot may be the $80 Bump AUS01F, pictured above, which employs a USB dongle to stream music from your computer to the speaker with no drivers required. It's joined by the $50 Bump AMS01F, a boombox that packs in an SD card slot, FM tuner, and alarm clock; the higher end Bump AWS01F boombox, which at $100 is basically the AMS01F with a wireless speaker thrown in; and the wee $20 Bump APS01F travel stereo. [Aluratek via ZDNet]


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