Iron Man/Ironing jokes have been around forever, but I don't think I've ever seen a parody as extensive as this - behold, the full fledged trailer for Iron Can!

Youtubers Anders Wotzke and Mike Nixon of Moviedex went all in on this parody over the past two years, and it's remarkably well done - a funny script, good voice acting, and surprisingly nifty CG for a movie about Tony Starch fighting crime and wrinkled clothes with his Iron Can suit. There's even an accompanying description packed full of puns!

Ultra Downy Jr. (now with floral scent!) stars as Tony Starch: Genius. Billionaire. Philanthropist. Can of fabric softener.

After being pressured into revealing his secret identity, Starch attracts the attention of the nefarious Fabrice Crimp, leader of a cult of creased cottons who believes that since the world isn't flat, nothing should be.

Only Iron Can has the power-setting to flatten Fabrice and put an end to his ruffled reign of terror. No one straight is safe. Everyone bent is probably ok for once. The fate of looking presentable in a button-up rests on the nozzle of one can.

But even the greatest of heroes eventually run out of steam…

Not gonna lie. I kinda want to see the full movie.

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