You can start streaming 4K content from Amazon Instant Video as soon as October โ€” but only if you have a Samsung UltraHD aka 4K television set.

The announcement comes from Samsung, which has been eager to start pushing 4K content for its UltraHD televisions, which isn't surprising โ€” not only there isn't a whole lot to watch in 4K yet, delivering 4K content over existing broadband connections is a tall order. At CES In January this year, Samsung had announced a major partnership with Netflix, Amazon, Comcast and DirecTV to provide 4K streaming to consumers.


Samsung will build an Amazon Instant Video app into its Smart Hub on UltraHD TV sets globally. But Amazon Instant Video isn't available worldwide, so it's unclear if the service will work in every country (likely not). What is also unclear is if this feature will remain exclusive to Samsung TVs or will expand to other manufacturers in the future (likely yes). [Samsung]