Amazon Fucks Up Again

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Coming off the heels of accidentally releasing its iPhone 7 accessory page an hour before the keynote event began, it seems that Amazon has fucked up again. This fuck up is nowhere near as massive: the Amazon Echo Twitter account ostensibly announced a brand new version of Echo Dot for the low-price of $49.99. The link at the end of the tweet, however, just led to the page for the original Dot, which is currently sold-out.


Oopsie-daisy, looks like Amazon’s social media team is going to get a stern talking to. But to quote the great Benjamin Franklin, “Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.”

This accidental early announcement, however, does have us curious about what new and exciting features the next Dot will have. In its current form, the Dot costs $89.99. It’s basically a version of the Echo that doesn’t have a speaker, so you can hook it up to your own sound system. Is Amazon simply lowering the price tag to $49.99, or are there more secrets yet to be revealed? Is it smaller? Sexier? Faster? Sweeter? Tastier? Less entangled with the FBI? Or perhaps, the new machine might actually be able to sustain a conversation, unlike its predecessors. The future is unwritten. Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait.

We have reached out to Amazon for comment, and will update the post if we hear back.

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Go Hawkeyes

Maybe I’m just getting to the point that I’m too old to understand (I hope not though because I’m only 35) but I just don’t see the point of devices like this.