Amazon Prime Video Is Coming to Apple TV After Years of Delay

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After years of delay, Amazon and Apple have finally reached an agreement to bring the Amazon Prime video app to Apple TV set-top-boxes everywhere. Apple CEO Tim Cook made the announcement today at the company’s annual developer conference WWDC 2017.

The app will give Amazon Prime subscribers the ability to watch Prime video content like TV shows and movies while using an Apple TV. For the last few years, Amazon Prime subscribers were forced to watch shows using their Apple TV by using Apple AirPlay, a cumbersome workaround that involved tethering the set-top-box to another device like a MacBook or iPhone.


The issue is over the fact that both Apple and Amazon want to create walled gardens for people to experience entertainment in their homes. Amazon sells various Fire TV products that bring internet video to TV sets just the way that Apple TV boxes do. Although the two streaming products have competed against each other for years, it seems that both Amazon and Apple agree that it makes more sense to just let people watch their damn TV shows.

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I assume this will just be for the latest 4th gen devices...not for devices without App store access?