AMD's New FX Chips Have Integrated Graphics Great for Gamers

It's Computex time, and that means new guts. While Intel's trotting out Broadwell for a spin, AMD's swinging back with its newest batch of mobile APUs—dubbed Kaveri—including the new FX-branded laptop-brains, which offer kick-ass integrated graphics that are bar none for gaming.

Intel's integrated graphics game is getting better, but it's still AMD's bread and butter. And with the FX enthusiast-type cards making their way to the mobile space, that bread and butter is better than ever.


Specifically, AMD's 19W, 10 core (4 CPU + 6 GPU) AMD FX-7500 can trounce Intel's Core i7 4500U Haswell chip in sheer graphics power, and the 35W, 12 core (4 CPU + 8 GPU) AMD FX-7600p is only more serious.

AMD is also releasing the rest of it's A-Series line (specs below), but it's these two top-end suckers that really offer unique value for folks who want to game reasonably on their ultra thin laptops without having to pay—in cash or in bulkiness—to go discrete. It's game on.

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