An Amusement Park That's Also a Giant Spa Is Obviously the Greatest Idea Ever

The Japanese city of Beppu is known for its countless hot springs and spas that pop up around them. So much so, that the city’s mayor, Yasuhiro Nagano, pledged to build an entire spa-themed amusement park—although it might not be quite as awesome as the one featured in this promotional video.

The “spamusement” park’s development hinged on this promo video hitting a million views, which it did just a few days after hitting YouTube. The city’s mayor has since announced plans to begin planning and development of the park, and we’re really hoping that bathtub roller coaster makes the cut, despite the massive logistical and safety issues it poses.

[YouTube via RocketNews24]

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Why would I want to be doused with someone’s used hot tub water?

Other than wanting to know what gonorrhea feels like.