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An Artist's guide to what's inside Batman's Utility Belt

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Batman's trusty belt has held a lot of gadgets and gizmos - as well as many Batarangs - but what exactly has the Dark Knight kept stashed away around his midriff over the years? Artist Kevin Tong rustled up this infographic-style artwork that takes a closer look.

Tong originally pitched the piece for Mondo's special Batman 75th Anniversary gallery, but it was rejected (he ultimately contributed a gorgeous poster inspired by Batman Begins, which you can check out here!) but shared it on Twitter for all to see yesterday.


It's a pretty clever take on just what various Movie and TV incarnations of the caped crusader have kept in the utility belt over the years (unfortunately none of the wonderful toys from the Batman Arkham games, like explosive gel or Batman's scanner/tracker device, boo!), even if it does try to add a bit of logic to a bit of kit that defies reality - not all of those Batarangs would fit in the belt, for example, unless they could be folded! Who knows, maybe Bruce Wayne borrowed a bit of Time Lord technology and it's bigger on the inside. Check out the full image below - and make sure you click to expand it!


[via /Film]

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