An Automatic Parachute Will Keep You From Being Hit With a Drone

Here's the thing about drones—and really any machine that flies: If something goes wrong, it will fall to the ground. And if you are in the way, it will hurt you. That's why DJI is rolling out a new feature called DropSafe to ensure that a falling drone doesn't fall too hard.


The principle is dead simple. In the event of engine failure or another catastrophic event, the DJI DropSafe will deploy a parachute so that the drone floats calmly back to Earth. The feature will only be available on the professional-grade S800 and S1000 platforms. It's inevitably great to see the drone industry responding to authorities anxiety about the technology, especially since even close calls with falling drones have become national news.

Of course, even a drone falling with the help of a parachute can be dangerous. If only they could figure out more ways to keep the little machines aloft in times of crisis... [sUASNews]

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